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School Safety

Visitor Sign-in & Sign-out

All visitors must buzz in by the front doors, and sign-in and sign-out at our office. All staff are instructed to stop all visitors without a visitors tag.

Student Sign-Out

Our instructional day begins at 8:10 a.m. and ends at 3:17 p.m. On rare occasions, parents may need to sign student(s) out for important appointments. Parents must sign students out in our main office and remain there until the student reports to the office for departure with parent.

Winter School Bus Safety

The following guidelines are provided to help students understand how to behave safely in and around a school bus during winter snow conditions.

  • Do leave some extra time in the morning to get to your bus stop on time. Running late to catch the bus could be very dangerous on wet or slippery sidewalks or roadways.
  • Do wear bright colored clothing so you can be seen in the early morning or late afternoon when the sky is gray.
  • Do dress properly; warm clothes, hats, mittens and boots.
  • Do look carefully in both directions before crossing the street. Make sure there are no vehicles coming from either direction.
  • Do keep a safe distance from the bus. Remember, busses need extra room to stop when there is snow or ice on the roads.
  • Do walk directly away from the bus after being dropped off. Don't linger or play at the bus stop.
  • Don't play in the snow while waiting for the school bus.
  • Don't throw snowballs at the bus, passing vehicles or anyone else.
  • Don't slide on the snow banks. You could slide under the wheels of an oncoming vehicle.
  • Don't slide on icy patches in driveways or the street. Playing in the street is dangerous.
  • Don't push or shove students at the bus stop. Someone could slide or fall under the wheels of an oncoming vehicle.

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