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Healthy Schools

What Is Healthy Schools?

Mason Central Elementary School has been awarded The Building Healthy Communities School Grant sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI, Michigan State University, The MI Dept of Ed, Action for Healthy Schools, MI United Dairy Industry, MI Dept of Health and Human Services and the MI Fitness Foundation. The grant award was approximately $15,000 in materials and funds to support physical activity/education and healthy eating/nutrition education. Materials and programs such as GoNoodle Plus promotes active movement breaks in the classroom. Materials and equipment have been awarded for an active recess. We will hold future events that will allow students and parents to experience healthy food tasting during lunch and after school events. A vitamix blender has also been awarded to our food service to provide healthy smoothies at lunch.

This is an exciting time for school wellness and we are very excited to be taking these steps to create a healthier school environment for our students.


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Healthy Smoothies!

Broccoli Taste Testing!

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