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Mason Consolidated School's Sinking Fund

Sinking Fund Yearly Projects Outline

Year 3: Summer 2017


Year 3 of the Sinking Fund project continues!

The asbestos abatement continued this summer, as well as the exterior site lighting updates.

Central Elementary received a new ceiling.

The High School locker room also received some maintenance!


Year 2: Summer 2016


Year 2 of the Sinking Fund project was a busy one!

We saw some exterior renovations, with new asphalt poured, as well as exterior site lighting.

The High School received some interior upgrades, including lighting updates, ceiling replacement, and floor replacement.


The High School also renovated the weight room, much to the students' delight.


Mason Middle School received renovations to their locker rooms.

Additionally, the first strides toward asbestos abatement began, which will continue on into next year.

Year 1: Summer 2015


2015 marks the Sinking Fund project kick-off!

Up first were the drinking fountains. Mason Senior High, Mason Middle, and Central Elementary Schools were all treated to upgraded drinking fountains.

The High School had some gym renovations completed, with a total floor replacement and brand-new bleachers installed.

Central Elementary and Mason Middle both received toilet upgrades, as well.



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